What we do

from construction to Automation 


Cannabis growers and manufacturers often find themselves requiring resources that can help optimize important decisions. Decisions that guarantee the facility infrastructure supports business operations from day one to the end of its life cycle. The Cannatech Builders team understands this and partners by delivering best-in-class design and construction resources that fit your company culture and performance strategy.

Cannatech Builders has experience with the consulting, design, construction and commissioning of over 50 million square feet of technical facilities nationwide. This know-how is brought to each and every project that we work on. Whether it’s purely specifying and installing irrigation and climate controls to a complete grow facility design and build.


Cannatech Builders guides you through the process and ensures that you have the right data to make the best decisions.

Our in-house resources provide everything needed to get your cannabis operation in optimal shape.

  • Construction

  • Automation Controls

  • Compliance

  • Remote Guarding & Video Security

  • Strategy & Workflow

  • Permitting

  • Commissioning

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