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Design/Build (General Contractor)

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39,000 SF
Double Tier Grow System
Extraction Space (Future Planned)


Centurion purchased a new core and shell warehouse exclusively built for cultivation in Adelanto, California. The base building provided features such as onsite security and access to abundant readily-available power. When it came time to do the fit-out of the 29,000 SF building, Centurion contracted with Cannatech Builders for the complete turnkey design and build of the facility including an expansion of an additional 10,000 SF.

Cannatech Builders stepped into gear managing all aspects of the project from architectural and engineering concept design to final design and construction.

The challenging aspects of the project included managing the extreme heat of the Adelanto area with the massive amounts of power and cooling required to effectively maintain grow product. As outside air was unavailable due to the extreme temperature of the area, complex mechanical and electrical systems were built into the facility.

During the construction of the ground floor grow houses and associated systems, Cannatech Builders was building a new 10,000 SF mezzanine. The mezzanine allowed for an additional four grow rooms, doubling the space for grow to a total of eight. A double tier grow system was also installed allowing for more plants per square feet. Both solutions were implemented to augment the potential for profit.

Cannatech’s services included full architectural, mechanical and electrical engineering, fire protection engineering, security engineering, and construction planning and estimating of the build out.