Building trust and credibility, Cannatech Builders setting industry standards in the construction of commercial cannabis cultivation and manufacturing operations

In an industry that’s constantly growing and evolving as new states legalize, new regulations emerge, and technology becomes an absolute essential to operating a successful business, who should you trust?

Cannabis companies often receive confusing and contradicting information on which facility options best fit their particular cultivation and manufacturing operations. This is especially true in California, the largest recreational marijuana market in the U.S., if not the world. California cannabis companies are experiencing growing pains as they scale from a nineties-era medical cannabis market to a fully regulated recreational marijuana industry.

Cannabis cultivation requires an extensively more skilled and technically adept partner than typical commercial construction projects.

The engineering and construction of a cultivation facility along with its supporting electrical, cooling, ventilation, heat, water storage, fertigation, environmental controls, and network/safety systems must be fully integrated and include an appropriate level of redundancy. The downfall of not having those systems optimized could result in the loss of millions of dollars of product or elevate the cost to produce the product. Thus, reducing profitability. 

The mechanical and electrical systems must not only perform, they must be energy efficient and meet the specific needs of the cultivation business or the yield and long-term goals of the business will suffer.

Existing and start-up canna-companies have benefited from Cannatech Builders commitment to provide objective advice and client specific facility infrastructure solutions.

Cannatech listens and converts the operational needs of a business into a facility that performs reliably. Balancing an optimal first cost with an energy efficient and technologically advanced long-term operation.