Ready for the Next Phase of Cannabis with High-Tech Facility Expertise

As the cannabis business soars, one builder is ready to tackle the challenges of constructing cannabis grow in a vastly regulated market.

Venture inside the issue of Cannabis Brightline, the cannabis industry’s magazine that is facilitating cannabis business growth by giving readers insight into the leaders spearheading the cannabis industry.

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Cannabis facilities are just as technical and complex and that’s why employing the services of Cannatech Builders is the key to better plans, well-built facilities and optimal outcomes.
— Dan McNary, Owner - Cannatech Builders
When you look at cannabis facilities, something like 75 percent of the dollar that’s going into the facility is on mechanical, electrical systems – or should be.
— Dan McNary, Owner - Cannatech Builders
Efficiency, security, accountability, quality: each of these aspects of a grow facility can all be better monitored and controlled through the adoption of technology and automation.
— Dan McNary, Owner - Cannatech Builders